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Rot Giver

In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, Rot Giver is a Daemon Weapon of Nurgle, appearing in Fantasy Flight Games' Dark Heresy role-playing game.

The Radical's Handbook (2009)

The Radical's Handbook (2009), p181-182 — Rot Giver

Rot Giver is a huge hammer of corroded iron. Its surface is patterned with blooms of rust and decay that to a fevered mind might seem to be foul marks and hateful runes growing from within the metal itself. The weapon was said to have been made of metal torn from space hulks which had drifted in the warp for seven thousand years and forged in a furnace fired by corpses before being quenched in the slime of a plague pit. Rot Giver is surrounded by a nauseous air of decay; metal left in is presence crumbles to rust, wood rots, and dead flesh begins to turn pale and rotten. Only the one who can master the will of the daemon within Rot Giver is untouched by its power. Undiscovered and untamed in millennia, Rot Giver now lies in a space hulk. Once a great warship long ago, the space hulk drifts through the Fydae Great Cloud waiting to be found once again.

Special Rules

Rot Giver contains a Daemonic Beast (WP 28) with the Gift of Rot (see below) attribute.

Gift of Rot: If an armoured location is struck by Rot Giver, make a Willpower test using the Daemonic Beast's Willpower. If it succeeds, the protection offered by the armour at that location is reduced by 2 points permanently as tendrils of rust, rot, and decay spread from the point of impact. If the armour is primitive, its protection is reduced by 4 points permanently. The armour protection at a location may be reduced to 0, in which case it is permanently destroyed.

Infamous Daemon Weapons
Rot GiverMelee2d10+2 R4† Gift of Rot, Unwieldy7 kg

† All daemon weapons have the The Beast Within, Lethality and Uncanny Resilience attributes in addition to those listed. The additional damage and penetration for the Lethality attribute have been included in these entries.