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Imperial Armour 13: War Machines of the Lost and the Damned (2014), p190 — Vessel of Dhornurgh the Reborn

Dhornurgh is invoked upon numerous worlds beyond the light of the Emperor by demagogues and magi seeking deliverance from plagues and famines that threaten their civilisations with extinction. Only the most desperate would seek the aid of such a being, and thus it is invariably those on feral worlds or planets cut off from the Imperium at large by ravening warp storms that do so. Bound into a towering war machine that serves as a mobile altar to Nurgle, Dhornurgh spreads his gifts far and wide, ensuring that those who pledge their souls to him are reborn in the glorious image of the servants of the Plague God.

This Legacy of Ruin may be taken by any single Chaos Space Marine vehicle at a cost of +10 points, or +15 points for a Super-heavy vehicle.

The vehicle has the Fear special rule. In addition, all friendly units within 6" with the Icon of Despair have the Gets Hot and Rending special rules in close combat.

The rules given in Codex: Chaos Space Marines for the Daemonic Possession vehicle upgrade apply to this Legacy of Ruin.