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The Plague Brethren (2017), p10 — The Blight Stalker

"The Blight Stalker is the trench warfare expert of the trio, something the Death Guard were especially good at during the dark days of the Horus Heresy. Long-standing fans of Warhammer 40,000 may recognise his helmet - it's based on one of Dave Andrews' Plague Marines that was released way back in 1996. Space Marine helmets are already intimidating, but the addition of a gas mask makes them really sinister.

The Blight Stalker is relatively unmutated for a Death Guard legionary, but he does exhibit another characteristic of his Legion - that of modified, customised and repaired wargear. During the Horus Heresy the Death Guard fought in some of the most hostile war zones in the galaxy and would often modify or make field repairs to their wargear. It's a practice they continue to this day and which you can see on this model - his armour has been customised and repaired many times over the millennia with spikes, blades and ragged chainmail."