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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2007), p55 — Typhus: Host of the Destroyer Hive

The most feared of all the Plague Fleet commanders is Typhus. From his ancient warship the Terminus Est, Typhus has led countless attacks against the Imperium, spreading contagion and misery on scores of worlds.

That Typhus has been truly blessed by Nurgle is indisputable. When the Death Guard were trapped in the Warp, adrift and dying from the Destroyer Plague, Typhus was the only survivor of the Terminus Est's crew. Rather than dying from the virulent disease that had rampaged through his crew, Typhus absorbed the full power of the Destroyer Plague. His body became a vessel for this ultimate corruption, swelling in size, his organs distending and writhing with foulsome energy. His skin and armour bonded, and great pestilential funnels grew from his body, spewing forth a miasma of destruction. Typhus had become the Host of the Destroyer Hive.

When Mortarion and the Death Guard settled on the Plague Planet, there were those amongst the Legion who split from their Primarch. Typhus chose to remain with the Terminus Est and recruited a new crew. Several other captains joined him, and Typhus' Plague Fleet left to find its own fate. For ten thousand years, Typhus has been a blight upon Imperial shipping and worlds around the Eye of Terror. He unleashed Nurgle's Rot upon Carandinis VII and Protheus, instigated the Jonah's World Pandemic, wiped out half the population of Florins with the Red Flux, and has killed millions with the Destroyer Plague. In recent years, the Plague Fleet of Nurgle has been sighted many times in the area around the Cadian Gate.

In its wake, a Zombie Plague has been spreading. The unfortunate victims of this contagion die a long, agonising death, but their suffering does not end there. Those that fall to this Warp-disease do not stay dead - their bodies are reanimated by the Chaos infection, creating Plague Zombies whose bite carries the disease. Like a stain spreading across the stars, the Zombie Plague has been carried by Typhus' fleet to more and more star systems, and once it has taken hold, it is almost impossible to stop. Millions have already died and been returned to undeath, and it is likely that Typhus' victims will number in the billions before the plague runs its course. By then, Typhus will doubtless be enacting a new and deadly diabolic plot.



Mark of Nurgle (included in profile), Terminator armour, personal icon, Manreaper.

Special Rules

Independent Character, Fearless, Feel no Pain.

Herald of Nurgle: Typhus is a Psyker and has the Wind of Chaos and Nurgle's Rot psychic powers. In addition, Typhus always successfully passes his Psychic tests when using these two powers (and so is also immune to the effects of Perils of the Warp).

Manreaper: This lethal instrument of death is shaped like a gigantic scythe. The Manreaper is both a Daemon Weapon and a Force weapon. Treat the Manreaper as a normal Daemon weapon, and in addition any model wounded but not killed by the Manreaper can be killed by Typhus with a successful Psychic test, following all the rules for a normal force weapon. Typhus may take this test even if he has used one of this psychic powers in the same turn.

Destroyer Hive: Typhus' body is host to a horrific plague that manifests as a swarm of insects that pour from the cracks and vents in his armour. Typhus counts as using frag and blight grenades (See page 38).