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Codex Adeptus Astartes: Grey Knights (2017), p39

The stench permeating the frigate was thickest just outside the bridge. As the blast door groaned open a mountain of writhing filth heaved forward. Feydor Ankhalas, Brotherhood Champion of the Silver Blades, sidestepped the Daemon Prince Offalrott and arced his blade to deflect the swipe of a colossal claw. Ankhalas and his fellow Grey Knights had battled waves of putrid Daemons to reach the Nurglesque monster. Now only he remained, having ordered his battle-brothers off the vessel before it was sucked into the warp-tear. Offalrott stabbed out with his other taloned hand, but again Ankhalas parried before plunging his sword into the sagging flank of the beast. A torrent of curdled pus and viscera spewed forth from the puncture, followed by the scrabbling claws of parasitic Nurglings emerging from their host. Offalrott let out a thunderous chortle, stuffing the Nurglings back into his guts even as the rent in his side reknit. But before the wound sealed Ankhalas focused his mind to release a concentrated blast of furious energy. The psychic explosion erupted deep within Offalrott's belly, splitting his abdomen and sending bone and organ parts flying. The Daemon's laughing face twisted with blinding pain and rage. He tried to grab the Grey Knight with his claws and prehensile tongue, but Ankhalas was too fast. With a slash, a follow-up strike and a finishing blow, the Brotherhood Champion shredded the last of Offalrott's essence. Before the remains hit the floor, Ankhalas was running for the airlock. As the Brotherhood Champion abandoned the crippled frigate, the ship buckled and writhed as the warp claimed it.