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Hand of Corruption

Hand of Corruption is an adventure book for Fantasy Flight Games' Black Crusade role-playing game.

p16 — Daemonic Vendetta

The Warden Phineas Morn could have, in his youth, fought and defeated a minor daemon of Nurgle with nothing but his shock maul. He still bears the shock maul with him, unknowing that the weapon has a connection to that daemon, Skarathaoritx the Plaguebearer. The warp, however, knows of this bond, and the Heretic may have heard of Skarathaoritx and his embarrassing defeat and banishment at the Arbitrator's hands. If the Heretic was to claim the maul and destroy it, he would gain the Plaguebearer's capricious favour and could summon him to aid him in a task. If, however, the Heretic bound the Daemon within the power maul instead, he would earn Skarathaoritx's undying hatred, but forge a powerful weapon. Any rolls to determine Attributes would use an Infamy of 30 due to the portentous events, rather than a Plaguebearer's normal Infamy of 0. This awards 1 Point of Infamy, not the usual 1d5.