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The Tome of Blood

The Tome of Blood is the sourcebook for Khorne in Fantasy Flight Games' Black Crusade role-playing game.

p123 — Characters dedicated to Nurgle

For those dedicated to the Plague God, war is far more than an exercise in destruction, for with death comes decay, and with decay comes rebirth. One determined to propagate the word of Nurgle might find all manner of opportunities to spread his patron's delightful gifts amongst the battlefields of Messia, though to do so fully he might need some combatants to survive, a fact that inevitably sets him at odds with those dedicated to the Blood God.

Personal Goal: The mutant horde swarming towards the sunrise represents an opportunity for the character to spread the contagious blessings of Nurgle across the entire surface of Messia. This may be achieved by using the Nurgle's Rot Psychic Power on the horde, or spreading some suitable plague upon them, or some other noxious rite. This must be done within 100 metres of the horde, and any test to perform it (such as a Focus Power Test) must be carried out at an Arduous (-40) level in order to infect sufficient numbers of mutants to please the Lord of Plagues. If the character can achieve this, he gains an additional 100 Experience Points. Note that the horde must survive so that the mutants can scatter to the corners of Messia after the sunrise, so the bonus is not awarded if the horde is (somehow) destroyed.