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Codex: Chaos Space Marines (2012)

p9-10 — Heresy Unbound

The final catalyst came from a rebellion in the Isstvan system. The Imperial governor upon Isstvan III had renounced his oaths to the Emperor and declared independence. The Emperor decreed that if the commander of Isstvan went unpunished, other worlds might follow. He ordered Horus to put down the rebellion by whatever means necessary, not knowing of the subtle changes Chaos had wrought upon the Warmaster's soul.

Horus chose to end the Isstvan rebellion swiftly and without mercy, employing virus bombs against Isstvan III from orbit. The voracious life-eater virus consumed every living thing upon the planet in a matter of minutes. Whole continents and cities were burnt to ashes as the mass of gasses released by the rotting organic material ignited in the atmosphere, scouring Isstvan III clean in a devastating firestorm. Twelve billion souls died with a death scream that momentarily pulsed brighter than the Astronomican. It was a signal to the Chaos Gods that Horus was now completely theirs.

Over one hundred companies drawn from the Emperor's Children, Death Guard, World Eaters and Sons of Horus Legions had already taken up arms against the rebellion on Isstvan III's surface. Horus had ensured their numbers were almost entirely made up of those Space Marines from each Legion who were still loyal to the Emperor, intending to wipe out those who had proved incorruptible in a single deadly stroke. Of these brave warriors, fully two-thirds miraculously survived the bombardment, thanks to warning messages received from the dwindling ranks of loyal comrades left aboard the orbiting fleet of Warmaster Horus. Angron, headstrong as ever, made planetfall at the head of fifty companies of Traitor Marines, and the gorund war began in earnest, signalling the start of the greatest turmoil to ever have engulfed the Imperium.

As the forces of Horus launched their orbital barrage upon the loyal Space Marines on Isstvan III, Captain Garro, of the Death Guard, seized the frigate Eisenstein from the traitor fleet. His instinct had led him to warn the loyal warriors on the planet's surface of their imminent betrayal, and he determined to flee the Isstvan system. Garro's vessel was no match against the powerful battleships of Horus' blockading fleet; all Garro could hope for was that the Eisenstein could escape from the Isstvan system and somehow find a way to reach Terra to warn the Emperor of Horus' treachery - he was unable to prevent the coming atrocities.

p10 — The Invasion of Terra

With the initial attack stalled, Horus brought his entire arsenal of weapons and warriors to bear. For over a month, the gigantic cannons of the rebel army pounded the walls, foremost amongst them the siege weapons of the Iron Warriors and the Legio Mortis Titan Legion. Eventually, after heavy bombardment, part of the curtain wall came crashing down and the Traitor Legions hurled themselves at the breach to pour into the inner palace. At the heart of the fighting stood the Primarchs. The indomitable Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists and noble Sanguinius of the Blood Angels fought a desperate rearguard action to halt the force pouring through the breach. Angron of the World Eaters slew loyalist Space Marines by the dozen, while Mortarion of the Death Guard led his pestilent Plague Marines into the thickest fighting. To the terrified populace of Terra, it was as if their world was drowned in battle.

Death Guard symbol

p13 — Death Guard

'Great Nurgle, rain your feculent blessing upon us.'

Dripping with putrescence, the Death Guard match towards their prey as slow but sure as the onset of a pox. The Plague Marines that form the vast bulk of their forces are literally rotten from the inside out, each riddled with decay and entropy. If anything, this malfeasance only makes them stronger, their necrotic bodies so numb to pain that only total destruction can stop them. Grandfather Nurgle has been generous indeed to his favoured sons - their flesh pulses with corruption and bulges from cracked armour - and they share these gifts of suffering across the galaxy.

Company of Misery symbol

p15 — Company of Misery

'Let us show these simple-minded fools that hope is less than worthless.'

Since the degradation of their gene-seed stocks in M32, the Chapter known as the Desolate Brotherhood found themselves assigned to impossibly dangerous and undesirable duties, including death worlds, space hulks and quarantine zones. Each time they believed they had won a reprieve, they were sent on an even more hazardous mission, plunging them into a spiral of dissolution and despair. After a catastrophe in the acid swamps of Misery, the Chapter took a new name and left their duties behind, forever becoming sworn enemies of the Imperium and the illusion of hope.

The Cleaved symbol

p16 — The Cleaved

'Call with all your soul, little one. Call and we shall answer.'

The pallid warriors known only as the Cleaved first appeared during the insurrection of Magma Cordelian. The loyalist guardsmen of the Iridian 334th had pushed their way into the rebellious Planetary Governor's palace after a sustained bombardment. The regiment's Primaris Psykers realised too late that the architecture of the Governor's keep was actually a gigantic summoning circle. Amongst the choking fumes, the insurrectionists conjured reinforcements - not Daemons, but Chaos Space Marines with strange, oil-like blood oozing from the joints in their armour. Though the new arrivals were massively outnumbered, the power-wrmoured warriors exhibited an incredibly high pain threshold, fighting on through mortal wounds to eventually repel the Iridian attack and secure the planet for the insurrectionists.

The Purge symbol

p16 — The Purge

'All mortal creatures must die. Only then can the galaxy be born anew.'

The Purge loathe life in all its forms. They have waged their pitiless war against Mankind and alien alike since late M36, consumed by their self-imposed quest to exterminate all living creatures. Having seen first-hand the dread threat of Chaos, they believe that the galaxy is hopelessly corrupt and that the only salvation lies in the sterility of death. The Purge know that they are too few in number to achieve this on their own, and hence they pray nightly to the God of Plagues for a mighty pandemic that will destroy all lesser creatures. Though the Purge see their purpose as pure, those who witness the pestilence and starvation they leave in their wake are under no illusion as to their true allegiance.

p17-19 — The Abyssal Crusade

The 37th Millennium saw thirty thousand Space Marines embark on a redemptive crusade into the Eye of Terror. Barely half returned, and many of those left behind were horribly altered, caught in thrall to the very forces they had sought to purge.

After the Ecclesiarchal Purges of 312.M37, Saint Basilius the Elder was ascendant. His 'puritas divisions' included several Chapters of Space Marines, each of which was extremely fierce in their vigilance - wherever a mutant or cultist was found, an execution would immediately follow, regardless of age, sex, station or circumstance. For once, the Ecclesiarchy worked in concert with the Inquisition and the Adeptus Astartes across the entire Segmentum Solar, making it mandatory for the populace to inform on anyone they suspected to bear the spoor of Chaos. Those few civil liberties the Imperial citizenry had left were stripped back even further, and countless false allegations were made, but the tactic was ultimately effective; the incidence of insurrection dropped to almost nil.

The Tides of Change

Then came Warp storm Dionys. The wrenching twist in reality caused Warp rifts over dozens of systems, and its echoes rippled along the spiral arms of the galaxy as it raged through the Empyrean. Records of mutation and cultist activity quadrupled overnight. Worse yet, it was not only the citizens who were affected by the sudden influx of Chaos. Many of the Space Marine Chapters with home worlds in the path of the Warp storm found that the secret imperfections in their gene-seed were writ large upon their new recruits, giving rise to a wave of disturbing manifestations both physical and psychological.

When the Ecclesiarchy heard of this sinister turn of events, Saint Basilius demanded that all those Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes whose home worlds had been touched by the Warp storm be rendered unto his judgement. Such was the elder's influence with the High Lords of Terra that within a year this had come to pass. After a series of stringent tests and prognostications, hundreds of Chapters were deemed unaffected by the Warp storm. No less than thirty were found wanting.

The Judged, as these fallen Chapters came to be known, volunteered for a redemptive crusade. The most militant of their number demanded the right to purify their tainted flesh in the fires of battle, to make a noble end from tragic misfortune. To the surprise of his closest advisors, Saint Basilius agreed to their proposal. He saw it fitting to send the accursed into the Eye of Terror, taking the fight for the Imperium's future to the Daemon worlds inhabited by the Chaos Space Marines.

A representative from each of the doomed Chapters held an emergency Council of Dismay to discuss the proposed crusade. After scant hours of debate, they acquiesced to Basilius' demands, for they believed that martyrdom was preferable to an existence of suspicion and doubt. The last few days of 321.M37 saw a solemn procession of strike cruisers and battle barges pass through the Cadian Gate into the Eye of Terror, relay systems dormant and heraldic colours obscured by black mag-plates. One by one, the Chapters of the Judged disappeared into the iridescent dust nebulae that surrounded the Eye, flickering out of reach from Cadia's astropaths within a single night.

Less than an hour after the Judged had made transition into the Eye, a warfleet of misshapen battle craft encrusted with the sigils of Chaos emerged from the dust clouds to intercept them. Torpedoes ripped open hulls and blew out docking bays, and lance fire crackled through the ether to stab through the leviathans of the Imperial fleet. Soon, the battle raged so fiercely that all cohesion amongst the Judged fleet was lost. The sheer amount of destruction meted out caused a great turmoil in the Warp, and the fabric of space itself began to tear open. Just as the Chaos fleet retreated, the ships of the Judged were scattered to the furthest corners of the Eye.

An Ill-Fated Odyssey

Were they ever to be committed to parchment, the journeys of the Judged could fill the Great Elucidan Library twice over. Each tale has a sorry ending, for one does not venture into the Eye without courting grievous misfortune.

On the pestilent world of Anathrax, the Iron Drakes Chapter made planetfall in force, smashing through bulbous fungus forests of giant puffy-eyed heads that coughed and sneezed grey mucus onto the Space Marines deploying from their Drop Pods. The Iron Drakes fought bravely, but one by one they were brought low. Though their respirators filtered the air of disease, many of the Space Marines found their power armour cracked and laid open by the torrent of bolter fire levelled upon them by hidden Plague Marines. By the time a full half of the Chapter had bulged screaming out of their armour to become fungus-trees themselves, the rest were ready to surrender, pledging their souls to Nurgle. Thus did the Iron Drakes become the Grey Death, ready and willing to spread their plague across the stars.


Upon the crone world of Belial IV, the Brothers of the Anvil scoured the tumbled spires of the original Eldar empire, only to be brought to battle and eventually captured by the xenos Kabalites that searched the ancient planet for arcane artefacts. After a year of nightmarish ordeals in the Commorite arenas, the broken remains of the Brothers of the Anvil slaughtered their way back into realspace, where they killed every living thing they found. Chapter after Chapter fell to the perils of the Eye, for the Abyssal Crusade had entered a hell from which very few emerge unscathed.

A Bitter Redemption

The tales go on, though few outside the mysterious Black Library have any idea of their extent. The Adepts of the Administratum outright deny any link between the loss of the Judged and the increased frequency of Chaos Space Marine raids thereafter. All that is known is that, almost 800 years after the Abyssal Crusade began, the remnants of some of the Judged Chapters returned from the Warp. They could barely contain their fury when they were detained by agents of the Inquisition and tested for the taint of Chaos. As they passed every test, a horrible truth came to light. Saint Basilius still lived, and the testimony of Konvak Lann, Chapter Master of the Vorpal Swords Chapter, revealed him as a false idol, guilty of sending innocents into the jaws of damnation.

The Vorpal Swords led the other survivors, blazing with righteous anger, to penetrate the defences of Basilius' palace. They found the unaccountably ancient saint and finally revealed Basilius' true nature as an apostle of Chaos. Basilius and thousands of his followers were slain, his shrines destroyed, and every relic and tome of his creed burned, as if he had never existed. Even so, the full extent of his corruption and the reach of his influence has never been discovered.

Excommunicated Chapters

Post-Abyssal Crusade, M37 (Appended to the Grimoire Hereticus of M35)
Adeptus Astartes ChapterExcommunicate Designation
Lectors of IxisOracles of Change
Knights ExcelsiorMagma Hounds
InvictorsThe Unhallowed
LionguardDeath Shadows
Graven FistsTwisted Blades
Lances of PterosLords of Decay
Blades Eternal-PENDING-
Brothers of the AnvilDeathmongers
Viridian ConsulsThe Broken
Altar BrethrenIconoclasts
Vengeance ChapterThe Flylords
SentinelsCorpus Brethren
Chorus of Eltain-MARTYR EXTREMIS-
Tempest LegionThe Revelation of Gore
Bronze GorgonsCrystal Wyverns
Prophets of Mercury-MARTYR EXTREMIS-
Argent HammersTalons of Anathrax
Iron DrakesThe Grey Death
IllustriansThe Black Psalm
Doom LegionVectors of Pox
Serpents of LightPredator Legion
Spears of OlympusBloodlords
Clerics of SteelInvocators
Star GryphonsSons of Midnight
Fists of Olchis-PERDITAS-
JusticarsThe Fractured
Sanctors of TerraThe Blighted Claw
Crusaders of DornBrotherhood of Lethe

p22-25 — The Long War

The Long War has raged for ten thousand years. The bitterness and spite of the Chaos Space Marines has spread throughout the galaxy, spilling from the Warp and bleeding back again for time immemorial. Though the Inquisition takes great pains to quell reports of Chaos incursions in order to spare the common populace from unconventional thoughts, the legends and records persist across the galaxy, handed down through the generations by the foolish and the brave.

31st Millennium


M31 Horus Heresy

The galaxy is torn by bitter rebellion. Horus and his Traitor Primarchs lay waste to the Legiones Astartes and all but overthrow the Emperor of Mankind. The forces of Chaos are eventually hurled back from Terra and most are driven into the Eye of Terror.

M31 The Long War Begins

Thirsty for revenge, the Chaos Space Marines strike out against the Imperium from the depths of the Eye of Terror. The Adepts of the Administratum are horrified to find that the number of their invasions consistently increases with every passing decade.


32nd Millennium

c.400.M32 Perturabo's Plague

The Daemon Primarch Perturabo perverts the eight rituals of possession, turning them against his enemies. Invoking Nurgle, Perturabo imbues his curse with extreme contagion and releases it into the mechanical systems of Toil, a vassal forge world. The raw Chaos spreads through the machines, and the hidden manufactorums begin to change. On the eighth day, giant cables burst from the earth, daemonic machines hunt the living, and many-legged cathedrals of industry prowl the wastes. The planet is ultimately scoured of all native flesh.


36th Millennium

437.M36 The Green Death

The infected Ork warbands invading the Ecclesiarchy world of Sanctia evince a terrible new barbarism. They fall upon the planet's defenders and consume them bodily, devouring the living and the dead alike, as if compelled by a daemonic hunger. Bloating and swelling, the Orks become obese monstrosities that can move only at a snail's pace. Puzzled by this strange reprieve, the Adepta Sororitas systematically purge the Orks with flame and bolter. It is then that Mortarion and his Death Guard make planetfall. The skeletally thin Daemon Primarch looms over the bodies of the Orks as he stalks to the front lines. At his passing, each Ork bursts apart in a shower of foul fluids, and dozens of Nurglings spill out from their remains to follow their master. Sanctia falls to the Green Death within twenty hours of Mortarion's arrival, and the plague spreads across the Ecclesiarchy-held system at an unstoppable pace.


37th Millennium

312.M37 - 112.M38 The Abyssal Crusade

Warpstorm Dionys ripples across the galaxy, its ghastly energies polluting a wide swathe of star systems. In addition to billions of Imperial citizens, no less than thirty Space Marine Chapters are judged by the charismatic Saint Basillius to be tainted. The Ecclesiarchal lord gives a choice to those so judged - seek redemption in the Eye of Terror or be exterminated. Without exception, the Judged Chapters choose to embark upon a redemptive crusade aimed at purging the Daemon worlds of the Eye of Terror. Within that great Warp rift, some of the Chapters are lost forever or destroyed, and a few turn renegade in order to survive. The most resolute return to the Imperium nearly 800 years later, and discover that their accuser, Saint Basillius himself, is a servant of Chaos. The corrupted saint's demise is swift and bloody.


41st Millennium


757.M41 The Plague that Walks

The first outbreak of the zombie plague occurs on Hydra Minoris after Typhus, and his Death Guard foot soldiers, penetrate to the heart of its capital hive. As the living begin to fall prey to the painful disease, its true horror is revealed; the dead victims begin to rise up and attack the living. The resultant Imperial quarantine traps 23 billion uninfected citizens alongside a rising tide of the undead.


926.M41 The Vaxhallian Genocides

The vile Chaos renegades known as the Purge seek to vent their hatred of all living things, and choose the verdant Imperial world of Vaxhallia as their victim. The planet's surface is soon riddled with consumptive disease and crippling famine. Over the course of a single month, the Purge engineer the destruction of no fewer than fourteen billion Imperial citizens.


969.M41 The Terminus Est

The plagueship Terminus Est is sighted in the Cando System. It disappears soon after, but it is already too late. The zombie plague ravages all of the planets in the system over the following months, exposing the worst in human nature as brother turns against brother in their desperation to survive.

Mark of Nurgle

p30 — Mark of Nurgle

Nurgle's blessing manifests not only as a suite of virulent plagues and diseases, but also as the inhuman constitution needed to survive them.

Models with the Mark of Nurgle have +1 Toughness. Additionally, a Psyker with the Mark of Nurgle must generate at least one of his powers from the Discipline of Nurgle (pg 71).

p31 — Lords of Nurgle

The lords of Nurgle are lumbering, filth-encrusted hulks. Their guts are bloated sacs of gas and rancid fat, and their sagging skin has the waxy pallor of a corpse. Yet the devotees of Grandfather Nurgle rejoice in the grotesque splendours visited upon them and work ceaselessly to spread entropy across the stars in the name of the Father of Plagues.

Plague Marine

p46 — Plague Marines

'Decay and corruption of the flesh are their secret joys, and they are abominations in the eyes of men...'

Plague Marines are Chaos Space Marines who have sworn themselves to Nurgle, the Chaos God of pestilence and entropy. The first Plague Marines were warriors of the Death Guard Legion, trapped in the Warp upon their spaceships when the virulent destroyer plague struck their fleet. Mortarion and his Legion offered themselves up to the service of the Lord of Decay in return for their lives. Their bodies became bloated and swollen with the corruption festering within them, but they no longer felt the agony of the Warp-pox and did not die from its horrific symptoms.

Since then, many Space Marines have dedicated themselves to Nurgle, though few achieve the vaunted ranks of the Death Guard. Those who truly wish to join this most foetid of cadres must first swear loyalty to the Primarch Mortarion. Only then will Nurgle bestow upon them the corrupting ague that created the Plague Marines. Outside of the Death Guard, a favoured few Sorcerers of Nurgle know the secrets of the Plague Marines, and Abaddon of the Black Legion has won many of these spellcasters to his cause. In return for fealty and long service, these blight-mages will bestow their pestilent gifts in the Warmaster's name.

Plague Marines have disgusting, rotted bodies that stink of decay. The putrescent slime that oozes from their many weeping sores corrodes their armour and boils away their skin, but despite their horrific disfigurements, the Plague Marines are fearsome warriors indeed. Their rotting brains are inured to the agony of bodily corruption, making them all but immune to the pain or debilitation caused by battle wounds. The Plague Marines prefer short-ranged firefights, where they can appreciate the festering wounds they inflict upon their enemies even as they laugh off the bolts and las-blasts directed back at them. Should the enemy close to within arm's reach, the Plague Marines will defend themselves with plague-riddled knives and toxic blight grenades. These contain virulent toxins that eat away at armour and fill the air with thick clouds of blinding spores. The most ostentatious blight grenades are 'death's heads' made from the severed heads of fallen enemies, each filled to the brim with a cocktail of disease before being sealed with ancient wax.

As well as fighting at the behest of the Lords of Chaos, the Plague Marines dedicate their lives to spreading corruption and decay across the galaxy. The fleets of Nurgle that spew from the Warp spread contagion and pestilence across dozens of star systems. Once the Plague Ships are abandoned or their crews finally destroyed, the hulks float back to the Warp and eventually, perhaps guided by the hand of Nurgle himself, find their way back to a Plague planet where they are re-crewed for new attacks.

Plague Marine444513183+
Plague Champion444513293+

Unit Type

Plague Champion is Infantry (Character).


Power armour (pg 68), boltgun, bolt pistol, plague knife (pg 64), blight grenades (pg 66), krak grenades.

Special Rules

Champion of Chaos (Plague Champion only) (pg 28), Fearless, Feel no Pain, Mark of Nurgle (pg 30).

The Cloud of Flies

During a Plague Ship's journey through the Warp, the interior of the craft erupts with large, furry black flies, which fill the ship with their decaying carcasses. When the Plague Ship reaches a world, the Plague Marines disembark to make planetfall. As soon as their transports' hatches open, a thick cloud of insects is released, ready to spread its foulness over a virgin planet.

p61 — Typhus

'I shall reap a terrible bounty from the death that I sow in your name, Father Nurgle...'

Typhus, Host of the Destroyer Hive, is the most feared of all Plague Fleet commanders. From his ancient warship, the Terminus Est, Typhus spreads contagion and misery across the galaxy. That Typhus has been truly blessed by Nurgle is indisputable. When the Death Guard were adrift in the Warp, dying from the Destroyer Plague, Typhus absorbed the full power of the disease. Typhus became a vessel for this ultimate corruption. Swelling in size, his skin and armour bonded, and great pestilential funnels grew from his body, spewing forth a miasma of destruction. Typhus has become the host of the Destroyer Hive.

After the Horus Heresy, Typhus gathered a hideous Plague Fleet and struck out into space upon the Terminus Est. For ten thousand years he has been a blight upon Imperial worlds. He unleashed Nurgle's Rot upon Carandinis VII and Protheus, instigated the Jonah's World Pandemic, and has killed millions with the Destroyer Hive. In recent years, his fleet has been sighted many times near the Cadian Gate.

In the fleet's wake, a new plague has been spreading - one from which even death is no release - for it seems that even the change between life and death can be reversed by Nurgle's gift. The unfortunate victims of the contagion suffer a long, agonising demise, but those who fall to this Warp disease do not stay dead. Their bodies are soon reanimated by the Chaos infection, creating Plague Zombies whose bites carry the disease to new victims. Once it has taken hold, it is almost impossible to stop. Billions have already died and been returned to undeath, and it is likely that Typhus' victims will number in the trillions before the plague runs its course.


Unit Type

Infantry (Character).


Terminator armour (pg 68), blight grenades (pg 66).

Warlord Trait

Lord of Terror (pg 28).

Special Rules

Champion of Chaos (pg 28), Fearless, Feel No Pain, Independent Character, Mark of Nurgle (pg 30), Psyker (Mastery Level 2), Veterans of the Long War (pg 30).

The Destroyer Hive: Once per game, in any Assault phase, Typhus can unleash the Destroyer Hive instead of attacking. At the start of Typhus' Initiative Step, place a large blast marker with the hole centred over Typhus (this does not scatter). All units (friend and foe) suffer a number of hits equal to the number of models from their unit that are at least partially under the large blast marker. These hits are resolved at Strength 4 AP2 and have the Ignores Cover special rule. Do not count Typhus when working out how many hits are caused. Wounds from this attack cannot be allocated to Typhus.

Plague Zombies: Any Chaos Cultist units (see the army list, pg 95) in the same army as Typhus can be nominated as Plague Zombies. Plague Zombies are Chaos Cultists that have the Fearless, Feel No Pain and Slow and Purposeful special rules, and cannot purchase options. They are armed with a single close combat weapon - any guns are used strictly for the purposes of clubbing their victims to death!


Typhus must generate all of his powers from the Nurgle discipline.

Chaos Artefact

Manreaper: This rusted and corrupted scythe has been dipped in the filth seeping from the throne of Nurgle itself.

-+22Melee, Daemon Weapon, Force, Unwieldy
Plague Knife

p64 — Plague Knife

The long, pitted knives used by the Plague Marines are encrusted and dripping with the most virulent of viruses. Their wielders believe that they are each blessed by Nurgle himself, for the rot they carry and spread is so powerful that it can lay low even the most monstrous enemies in seconds.

-User-Melee, Poisoned (4+)

p66 — Blight Grenades

Blight grenades are the hollowed-out heads of the Plague Marines' enemies, filled with potent contagions and sealed with wax so that they burst apart on impact.

Models with the Mark of Nurgle only. Blight grenades count as both assault and defensive grenades.

p66 — Icon of Despair

This icon is surrounded by a miasma of disease and hopelessness, turning the thoughts of any nearby foes to the grisly and inevitable deaths that await them.

Units with the Mark of Nurgle only. All models with the Mark of Nurgle in a unit equipped with an icon of despair have the Fear special rule.

p67 — Daemonic Steeds

Palanquin of Nurgle: Dozens of giggling, pustulant Nurglings carry the champion to war.

The model receives +2 Wounds, +1 Attack and gains the Very Bulky special rule.

p71 — Discipline of Nurgle

Primaris Power: Nurgle's Rot — Warp Charge 1

Gurgling praise to Father Nurgle, the psyker selflessly exudes a disgusting wave of soul-pox. All those nearby are covered in a layer of toxic goo so foul it can kill in seconds.

Nurgle's Rot is a nova power with the profile below. Note that Daemons of Nurgle and models with the Mark of Nurgle are unaffected by Nurgle's Rot - in fact, they find it rather refreshing!

6"25Assault D6+1, Poisoned (4+)

1-2. Weapon Virus — Warp Charge 1

The psyker invokes the generosity of his patron, infesting his foe's weaponry with viral decay.

Weapon Virus is a malediction that targets a single enemy unit within 24". All of the target unit's ranged weapons have the Gets Hot special rule whilst the power is in effect.

3-4. Gift of Contagion — Warp Charge 1

The psyker gathers clouds of contagion and rot-flies about his enemies, granting them Father Nurgle's blessing.

Gift of Contagion is a malediction that affects a single enemy unit within 48". Roll on the table below to see what effect it has on every model in the unit whilst the power is in effect. The effects of multiple Gifts of Contagion are cumulative.

D3Disease Granted
1Flyblown Palsy: -1 Attack and the Shrouded special rule.
2Muscular Atrophy: -1 Strength and may not Run.
3Liquefying Ague: -1 Strength and -1 Toughness.

5-6. Plague Wind — Warp Charge 2

The psyker belches forth a wind of plague that blows through his foes.

Plague Wind is a witchfire power with the profile below. It has no effect on vehicles.

12"12Assault 1, Large Blast, Poisoned (4+)

The colour photograph section includes images of a Company of Misery warrior, an Aspiring Champion of the Purge, and a converted Death Guard Chaos Cultist on page 79. Page 85 includes pictures of several Plague Marines, examples of Death Guard iconry, and Typhus. And finally the Defiler on page 87 is dedicated to Nurgle.