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Inquisitor Cut-ups

The cut-up technique is a literary extension of collage, involving randomly picking words or phrases from an existing body of text. It was pioneered by Tristan Tzara, and first published in "To Make a Dadaist Poem" from Dada Manifesto On Feeble Love And Bitter Love (1920). A hundred years later, works such as Tilt (2020, Alex Yari, Little Dreamer) and Cut Up Solo (2021, Peter Rudin-Burgess, PPM Games) advocate for the use of cut-ups in providing inspiration for role-playing games. The Dark Heresy role-playing game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has the player characters in the role of acolytes working for the Inquisition. Therefore, the various Black Library books that feature Inquisitors are an ideal source for the application of this technique. This page generates sets of random snippets from the following series:

was bid. He tried to
why not slay the witch
come with you.' KASR GESH
rhymes, or that’s what they
through the slate. ‘And Vos
with the files annotating those
attempt, the alarm will be
sunken eye, from years of
adamantium. Crowl threw himself against
wrists. Carl nodded, took the
paintings of trees and vines
Emperor Protects. Crowl’s brow furrowed,
the sudden cessation of a
A second? An hour? A
abhuman, the thread is cut.
determiners changed slightly.’ ‘Favourably, I
be daemons at the time.
for an instant he had
the clotted air, dancing and
decisive action, the taint would
‘Another mirage—’ ‘No, no. Yald!
ain't saying, genesmudge. I just
billowy shrouds. Suns within the
his feet braced wide between
died away to nothing. Like
them, Frauka won another game,
intended to break through the
his name featured prominently in
put it in his hand.
search for the thing that