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Golden Demon Winners

Golden Demon is Games Workshop's flagship painting competition in which hobbyists participate from all over the world. Listed here are the winners of various Golden Demon categories whose models have a connection to Nurgle. Follow the links on the model names to see them in full colour splendour on the official Golden Demon website.

2019Warhammer FestLarge ModelSilver Yohan LeducBlightking on Putrid SlugAge of Sigmar
2019Warhammer FestYoungbloodsSilver Felix ChungTyphusWarhammer 40,000
2019Warhammer FestYoungbloodsBronze Indiana FroggattNoxious BlightbringerWarhammer 40,000
2019Warhammer FestLarge ModelSilver Robin McleodMortarionWarhammer 40,000
2019Warhammer FestLarge ModelBronze Stefan JohnssonVulgrar Thrice-CursedWarhammer 40,000
2019Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureSilver David SoperSloppity Bilepiper
2019Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureGold Yohan LeducPlaguebearer
2019Warhammer FestLarge ModelGold Richard GrayMortarionWarhammer 40,000
2018Vigilus Open DayYoungbloodsGold Freddie LiftonGellerpox MutantWarhammer 40,000
2018Vigilus Open DayLarge ModelGold Stefan JohnssonNightmare HulkWarhammer 40,000
2018Vigilus Open DaySingle MiniatureGold Chris ClaytonFoul BlightspawnWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer Fest EuropeSingle MiniatureGold Johan PhilipsehPlague ChampionAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer Fest EuropeLarge ModelBronze Simon ElsenGreat Unclean OneWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer Fest EuropeBlood Bowl TeamBronze Luka MrozekNurgle's RottersBlood Bowl
2018Warhammer Fest EuropeLarge ModelGold Katarzyna GorskaMortarionWarhammer 40,000
2018Horus Heresy WeekenderSquadBronze Ellis KayeDeath GuardHorus Heresy
2018Warhammer Fest EuropeLarge ModelSilver Damien TomasinaMortarionWarhammer 40,000
2018Horus Heresy WeekenderSingle MiniatureBronze Adrian CookCalas TyphonHorus Heresy
2018Warhammer FestOpenSilver Chris ClaytonHorticulous SlimuxAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer FestYoungbloodsSilver Freddie LiftonPoxwalkerWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer FestLarge ModelGold Robin McLeodPusgoyle BlightlordAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureBronze Yohan LeducGutrot SpumeAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureGold Angelo Di ChelloHorticulous SlimuxAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer FestLarge ModelGold Yohan LeducGreat Unclean OneWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer FestSquadSilver Patric SandDeath GuardWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureBronze Robin McLeodTyphusWarhammer 40,000
2018Warhammer FestSingle MiniatureSilver David SoperPoxwalkerWarhammer 40,000
2018Forge World and Specialist Games Open DayUnboundSilver Luke HemmingGreat Unclean OneWarhammer 40,000
2018Age of Sigmar Open DayThe UnboundBronze Micky WadflowerSpoilpox ScrivenerAge of Sigmar
2018Age of Sigmar Open DayThe UnboundGold Richard GrayLord of PlaguesAge of Sigmar
2018Age of Sigmar Open DayYoungbloodsGold Jack Pitman-WallaceGlottkinAge of Sigmar
2018Age of Sigmar Open DayAge of Sigmar Large ModelGold Richard GrayGreat Unclean OneAge of Sigmar
2018Warhammer FestWarhammer Age of Sigmar Single MiniatureGoldAngelo Di ChelloHorticulous SlimuxAge of Sigmar
2017Warhammer 40,000 Open DaySquadGold Richard GrayDeathshroud TerminatorsWarhammer 40,000
2017Warhammer 40,000 Open DayLarge ModelBronze Stefan JohnsonDaemon PrinceWarhammer 40,000
2017Warhammer 40,000 Open DayYoungbloodsGold Jack Pitman-WallaceMortarionWarhammer 40,000
2017Warhammer 40,000 Open DaySingle MiniatureGoldDavid SoperBlight StalkerWarhammer 40,000
2017Warhammer FestWarhammer Age of Sigmar Large ModelBronze Mally AndersonGlottkinAge of Sigmar
2017Warhammer FestWarhammer 40,000 Large ModelBronze Steve PerryNurgle Daemon PrinceWarhammer 40,000
2017The Horus Heresy WeekenderDuelSilver Danny NuttallSons of Horus vs PlaguebearerHorus Heresy
2016Warhammer 40,000 Open DaySingle MiniatureBronze Richard GrayDeathshroud TerminatorHorus Heresy
2016Warhammer European Open DayUnboundSilver Pawel MakuchNurgle DioramaAge of Sigmar
2016Warhammer 40,000 Open DayVehicleGold Richard GrayDeath Guard Deredeo DreadnoughtHorus Heresy
2017The Horus Heresy WeekenderVehicleGold Richard GrayWarhound TitanHorus Heresy
2017The Horus Heresy WeekenderSingle MiniatureSilver Robin McLeodMortarionHorus Heresy
2016Warhammer Age of SigmarUnitBronze Lee HebblewaiteAxis of ChaosAge of Sigmar
2016Warhammer Age of SigmarSingle ModelSilver Robin McLeodLord of PlaguesAge of Sigmar
2015Warhammer 40,000 TanksSingle TankGoldRichard GrayLegion FellbladeHorus Heresy
2015Warhammer 40,000 TanksTank SquadronSilver Dean WaltonDeimos Pattern PredatorHorus Heresy
2016Warhammer Age of Sigmar RegimentGold David SoperPlaguebearersAge of Sigmar
2016Warhammer Age of Sigmar RegimentBronze Adam SkinnerPutrid BlightkingsAge of Sigmar
2016Warhammer Age of Sigmar Single MiniatureGoldDavid SoperGutrot SpumeAge of Sigmar
2013Open CategoryBronze Kornel KozakHelbruteWarhammer 40,000
2013Warhammer RegimentSilver Adelchi BaraussePlaguebearersWarhammer Fantasy
2013Warhammer RegimentBronze Matt KennedyRegiment of NurgleWarhammer Fantasy
2013Warhammer 40,000 Large ModelGold Toni Nieto CanoLord of NurgleWarhammer 40,000