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Here's an assortment of curiosities that don't necessarily relate to Nurgle, but may nonetheless be of interest...

On pages 260 and 261 of the 1987 Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader rulebook, there is an illustration by Martin McKenna of a motley mix of characters. These are actually likenesses of Games Workshop staff from the time, depicted as citizens of the Imperium of Man. Hover over each face to reveal their name (at the time; some have since changed) and role as described in the credits of the 1987 book. You can alternatively click on them to display a message with the same information (this functionality is included to support touchscreen devices with no mouse).

Games Workshop staff sketches from Rogue Trader Lindsey De Le Doux Paton (Typesetting) Bil Sedgwick (Graphic Design) Colin Dixon (Artist) Nick Bibby (Miniatures Designer) Phil Lewis (Photographer) Mike Perry (Miniatures Designer) Alan Perry (Miniatures Designer) Kevin Adams (Miniatures Designer) Jes Goodwin (Miniatures Designer) Tony Ackland (Artist) Mike Brunton (Designer/Developer) Aly Morrison (Miniatures Designer) Trish Morrison (Miniatures Designer) Dave Andrews (Artist) Rick Priestley (Designer/Developer) Charles Elliott (Graphic Design) Graeme Davis (Designer/Developer) Phil Gallagher (Designer/Developer) Jim Bambra (Designer/Developer) Bob Naismith (Miniatures Designer) Richard Halliwell (Designer/Developer) John Blanche (Art Manager) Alan Merrett (Production Manager) Bryan Ansell (Managing Director) Paul Cockburn (Projects Manager) Sid (Artist) Jervis Johnson (Development Manager) Richard Ellard (Studio Manager)