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The Inevitable Order

The Askellon Sector is the campaign setting for the second edition of Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40,000 role-playing game. In this RPG, the player characters are low-powered agents of the Inquisition investigating (amongst other things) heretical cults. Within that setting, the Inevitable Order are a group of Adeptus Mechanicus members that have turned to Nurgle's path.

Dark Heresy Game Master's Kit (2nd ed, 2014)

Dark Heresy Game Master's Kit (2nd ed, 2014), p30 — The Inevitable Order, Heretek Cabal

Within the halls of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a secretive and blasphemous order of renegade Tech-Priests works to bring about the end of the Imperium. The Inevitable Order, as they call themselves, arose from a handful of Magi studying the archives of output from an ancient cogitator. The data they examined, though archaic and fragmentary, led them to conclude that the Imperium was doomed to a slow decay that could not be avoided. A fit of madness struck them then, and visions of what they called a Universal Entropic Principle mandated that they hasten the demise of Mankind along its inevitable course. In truth, they had succumbed to the lure of the Chaos God Nurgle, and their disciples, among whom they carefully disseminated their new lore, became a particularly self-deluded Chaos cult. Those who have learned much of the Entropic Principle often find it necessary to adapt their crimson robes to conceal corroded implants and respirators that drip noxious fluids from plague-bloated lungs.

The Inevitable Order does not fight the Imperium with war, famine, pestilence, or any other overt weapon. Instead, the corrupted Tech-Priests carefully delete key knowledge from the most hallowed archives and datastacks of the Martian Priesthood, leaving the Adeptus Mechanicus less and less able to provide the support the Imperium needs for its innumerable hive cities, machines, and engines of war. If the Order has its way, the Imperium will collapse under its own bloated weight, dying its foretold death so that the Entropic Principle might be the only thing remaining in the universe.