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Plague Sceptre

In the Warhammer Fantasy setting, a Plague Sceptre is a magic item imbued with a spell that releases the Black Fever on its victims. Plaguestrangler Vilestench wields a Plague Sceptre.

Citadel Journal 12 (1995)

Citadel Journal 12 (1995), p39 — Magic Spell — 100 Points: Plague Sceptre

The Plague Sceptre of Nurgle bears hideous markings and its metallic surface is etched with plague encrusted sigils of contagionic power. Locked deep inside the sceptre is a spell of disease and destruction.

Each magic phase anyone bearing the sceptre may unleash this spell upon a unit within 12". Place a plague counter next to the unit; they are now the victims of Nurgle's Black Fever. The affected unit will suffer D6 strength 4 hits this turn. If the spell is not dispelled by the next magic phase then the unit will suffer 2D6 strength 4 hits, and if the spell is still in play the turn after that the unit suffers 3D6 strength 4 hits and so on until the spell is dispelled or the enemy unit is dead. Any unit except Nurgle units which move into contact with the victims will also contract Black Fever.

Champion or Sorcerer of Nurgle Only