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Plague Chalice

In the Warhammer Fantasy setting, a Plague Chalice is an arcane goblet whose contents enhanced magical power.

Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (2003)

Warhammer Armies: Beasts of Chaos (2003), p64 — Arcane Items

The Plague Chalice — 30 points

Mark of Nurgle only — One Use Only

This rotting wooden goblet is filled with a festering brew of pus and blood, and writhing maggots and worms spill from the froth on the liquid's surface. A Shaman who sups from the chalice feels a burning pain wrack his body as the foul liquid seeps through him, yet his magical ability is suddenly enhanced, making his spells all-powerful and deadly.

The Shaman may drink from the Chalice at the start of his Magic phase. He suffers an immediate Strength 4 hit that ignores Armour and Ward saves (Regeneration may be taken as normal). For the remainder of that Magic phase, any spell cast by the Shaman will be cast with irresistible Force on a successful casting roll which includes and double, except a Miscast.