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Cursed Carillon

In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, the Cursed Carillon is a Nurglesque musical instrument, appearing in Fantasy Flight Games' Dark Heresy (second edition) role-playing game.

Enemies Beyond (2016)

Enemies Beyond (2016), p48 — Cursed Carillon

A legendary object said to predate Imperial Compliance, the Cursed Carillon is a herald of woe. Said to appear without warning near towns and cities across the sector, and always shrouded by clouds of green smog, the Carillon's bells ring gently even in utterly still air. Over time, the noise builds to a nauseating barrage capable of sending the sanest man into a pit of despair and madness.

Containing the Corruption

No one is sure what the Cursed Carillon actually is, other than reports that stretch back thousands of years describing it as a series of bells surrounded by rotted parchments. Several Inquisitors postulate that it is some form of Nurgle instrument, as towns visited by the bells usually succumb to famine, disease, and a form of obsessive madness. The smog that accompanies the Carillon quickly overwhelms any who approach, even when they are equipped with sealed armour.

Using the Remnant

When the Cursed Carillon appears it could stay for several weeks. It might move by itself to a nearby location, and seems to vanish in a haze of smoke when attacked directly, only to appear nearby a few moments later. A character must take a Willpower test at the end of every hour of exposure to the Carillon, with a -10 penalty for each day the Carillon has been present, gaining 1 Insanity point for every degree of failure. Mental disorders gained from the Carillon are always Obsession/Compulsion disorders focussed around cataloguing innocuous and unrelated items. A cloud of smog with a radius of 20 metres surrounds it, which increases by 5 metres per day; any living creature within the smoke suffers the effects of suffocation after 30 minutes of exposure (see page 243 of the Dark Heresy Core Rulebook) regardless of sealed armour / breathing apparatus. The cursed bells can alternatively be the source of quavering breaches in reality or even befoul Gellar Fields into puddles of tainted energies. It could also attract the attention of the Daemon who lost it aeons ago, and wishes to reward the unfortunate mortals nearby for finding its prized possession.