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In the Warhammer 40,000 setting, Abcellyoth is a Herald of Nurgle, appearing in Fantasy Flight Games' Black Crusade role-playing game.

Abcellyoth resides on the planet of Mire. For more information about this place, see the Death Priests of Mire.

The Tome of Decay (2014)

The Tome of Decay (2014), p116 — Mire

Abcellyoth, Herald of Nurgle

The Daemons of Mire do not entirely disperse when they are destroyed and fragments of their being suffuse the planet's soil. Shortly after the dead world's emergence from the Warp, thousands of Daemons that materialised within the many caverns beneath the surface were crushed to death as the mud-caves resealed themselves in torrential washes of dirt during the Long Rain. These disparate expressions of Nurgle's power congealed, coalescing into Abcellyoth, a true Herald of Nurgle. This collection of Warp-spawned entities has been said to turn into a tempest of vermin that descends onto settlements of Mirens bereft of their Priornite, consuming everything but the slate rock upon which their primitive mud-houses and tents once stood.

A scion of disease, this monstrous mass of vermin floats across the battlefield, sewing infection on the forces of enemies and allies alike. They wander the mud flats of Mire, doggedly pursuing anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths without a Priornite to assuage the eldritch consciousness. Even the ravenous Mirens choose not to eat a corpse left by Abcellyoth, leaving what little flesh remains to rot away, or else burning it upon a great pyre, before the ash carries more contagion onto the wind.

Abcellyoth, Herald of Nurgle (Master)

Movement: 5/10/15/30

Wounds: 30

Armour: None

Total TB: 12

Skills: Awareness (Per) +10, Dodge (Ag) +10, Psyniscience (Per) +10, Scholastic Lore (Numerology) (Int), Speak Language (Miren) (Int).

Talents: Crippling Strike, Swift Attack.

Traits: Daemonic (6), Dark-sight, Fear 4, From Beyond, Natural Weapons, Sickly Influence†, Toxic (4), Unnatural Toughness (2), Unnatural Strength (2), Warp Instability.

Weapons: Claws and Teeth (1d10+7 R; Pen 5; Tearing, Toxic [4]), Daemonic Vomit (Pistol; 77m; 2d10+5 I; Pen 4; Toxic [5]).

Daemonic Presence: All enemies within 20 metres of Abcellyoth suffer a -20 penalty to Willpower Tests.

Cloud of Flies: Abcellyoth is composed, of and constantly surrounded by, thick clouds of insects. These noxious vermin provide the Daemon with 7 Armour Points of Cover (which fully regenerate at the beginning of each of its Turns). Abcellyoth can see clearly through this barrier and suffers no penalties from the Cloud of Flies.

Nurgle's Rot: A Herald of Nurgle may call upon the Great Corruptor as a Half Action, manifesting this power as though he was a psyker. As a Daemon, a Herald of Nurgle never rolls on the Perils of the Warp but lacking mortal psyker abilities, it always manifests this ability as a Psy Rating 3 effect that requires a roll on the Table 6-2: Psychic Phenomena (see page 210 of the Black Crusade Core Rulebook). The Herald of Nurgle itself, however, is never subject to any negative effects from such rolls. When activated, this power nullifies the Cloud of Flies ability for one Turn as the vermin all swarm Abcellyoth's target to dispense the Plague Lord's horrid "blessings".

†Sickly Influence: Any creature that is struck by Abcellyoth's Vomit, Nurgle's Rot, or melee attacks must make a Difficult (-10) Toughness Test or suffer a -20 penalty to all Tests to attack Abcellyoth until the end of its next Turn.